The Torbay Chess Congress
An annual congress held on the English Riviera
The Torbay Congress
Torbay Chess Congress
Torbay Chess Congress

2017 Torbay Congress - Open Tournament Results

Round 5

Board White   Result Black  
12Mackle, Dominic198C[3½]½ - ½1Berry, Stephen H202A[3½]
26Dilleigh, Stephen P188A[2½]½ - ½5Waddington, Mike P191A[2½]
34Menadue, Jeremy FS191A[2]½ - ½7Wells, Jonathan C188A[2]
412Forster, James Connor C169A[2]½ - ½8Wheeler, John F185A[2]
510Littlejohns, David P178A[1½]1 - 03Bolt, Graham196A[1½]
613Dunn, Alan162[1½]½ - ½11Hayward, Philip T172A[1½]


Round 4

Board White   Result Black  
11Berry, Stephen H202A[2½]1 - 06Dilleigh, Stephen P188A[2½]
22Mackle, Dominic198C[2½]1 - 011Hayward, Philip T172A[1½]
312Forster, James Connor C169A[1½]½ - ½4Menadue, Jeremy FS191A[1½]
410Littlejohns, David P178A[1½]0 - 15Waddington, Mike P191A[1½]
59Helbig, Paul D184B[1½]½ - ½7Wells, Jonathan C188A[1½]
63Bolt, Graham196A[1]½ - ½13Dunn, Alan162[1]
78Wheeler, John F185A[1]1 - 014Simpson, Derek139A[½]


Round 3

Board White   Result Black  
15Waddington, Mike P191A[1½]0 - 12Mackle, Dominic198C[1½]
24Menadue, Jeremy FS191A[1½]0 - 16Dilleigh, Stephen P188A[1½]
37Wells, Jonathan C188A[½]1 - 03Bolt, Graham196A[1]
411Hayward, Philip T172A[1]½ - ½12Forster, James Connor C169A[1]
513Dunn, Alan162[½]½ - ½8Wheeler, John F185A[½]
614Simpson, Derek139A[½]0 - 110Littlejohns, David P178A[½]
79Helbig, Paul D184B[½]1 - 0    
81Berry, Stephen H202A[2]½ - 0    


Round 2

Board White   Result Black  
112Forster, James Connor C169A[1]0 - 11Berry, Stephen H202A[1]
22Mackle, Dominic198C[1]½ - ½4Menadue, Jeremy FS191A[1]
33Bolt, Graham196A[½]½ - ½11Hayward, Philip T172A[½]
45Waddington, Mike P191A[½]1 - 013Dunn, Alan162[½]
56Dilleigh, Stephen P188A[½]1 - 014Simpson, Derek139A[½]
610Littlejohns, David P178A[0]½ - ½7Wells, Jonathan C188A[0]
78Wheeler, John F185A[0]½ - ½9Helbig, Paul D184B[0]


Round 1

Board White   Result Black  
11Berry, Stephen H202A 1 - 08Wheeler, John F185A 
29Helbig, Paul D184B 0 - 12Mackle, Dominic198C 
34Menadue, Jeremy FS191A 1 - 010Littlejohns, David P178A 
411Hayward, Philip T172A ½ - ½5Waddington, Mike P191A 
57Wells, Jonathan C188A 0 - 112Forster, James Connor C169A 
63Bolt, Graham196A ½ - 0    
76Dilleigh, Stephen P188A ½ - 0    
813Dunn, Alan162 ½ - 0    
914Simpson, Derek139A ½ - 0